What's Going On?


Rapper Releases Hilarious New Short Film!

Just two weeks after the launch of new Spoken Word series 'Yeah I Said
It', London rapper Potent Whisper returns to release his debut short
film 'What's Going On?'

The three minute film, written in rhyme, is the first in another new
series entitled 'Real Talk'; a string of films that are written,
directed by and star the BRIT School graduate.

"When people learn that I went to the BRIT School they usually assume
that I studied music, but I actually studied Theatre! This project has
really allowed me to push the boundaries of my writing and will
definitely give everyone a better idea of what to expect from me in the
future" - Potent Whisper

The film is in collaboration with video production company Global
Faction who boast over 22 Million+ views on their YouTube channel.

History Is History


London Rapper Potent Whisper has teamed up with video production company Global Faction to release a new controversial Spoken Word series entitled ‘Yeah I Said It’

The online series launches with its first Episode ‘History Is History’

in which Potent Whisper uses rhyme to discuss Black History Month.

The video is said to be the first in a long line of Spoken Word pieces that will respond directly to current affairs and create discussion on the most pressing issues of our time.​​ ​ Potent Whisper is best known for his high energy collaboration with UK music legend Congo Natty aka Rebel MC and most recently made the papers with his anti-war song and accompanying documentary ‘Just Wondering’

starring ex soldier and conscientious objector Joe Glenton. The Just Wondering project also featured Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and received support from the Stop The War Coalition, and the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament with additional coverage from The Guardian.

Video production company Global Faction are reputed for their work with socially responsive artists and boast over 22 million views on their YouTube channel; having produced videos for some of the biggest names in UK music. The series comes in timely fashion, leading up to the release of Potent Whisper's forthcoming Mixtape 'Love: The Mixtape' due for release on 02.12.14.

Potent Whisper ft. FLOetic Lara 'Just Wondering'


Ex-soldier Joe Glenton Co-Signs new Anti-War Song

London rapper Potent Whisper teams up with Conscientious Objector Joe Glenton to create a new anti-war song and music video

Further endorsed by Jeremy Corbyn, The Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and the Stop the War Coalition (STW); the song ‘Just Wondering’ is lyrically comprised of a total of forty questions, all surrounding war.

“Standing at the door of the 100 year anniversary of WW1, and with the current turmoil in Iraq magnifying to such an intense degree, it might well be an appropriate time to raise these questions and collectively take a second look at the grim reality of war”
– Potent Whisper

In addition to collaborations with the likes of UK legend’s Rebel MC and Alabama3, the Ex-BRIT School graduate has previously found himself in the political arena, releasing songs in solidarity with Iran and Palestine in 2013.

Potent Whisper now joins forces with ex-soldier Joe Glenton who famously refused to serve a second tour in Afghanistan on legal and moral grounds, later imprisoned for going absent without leave. (Awol) Joe Glenton has since gone on to write the critically acclaimed book ‘Soldiers Box’ which won the Bread and Roses Award earlier this year.

“Joe is a hero, because he didn’t fight”

It has been revealed that the song, taken from Potent Whispers’ forthcoming ‘Love: The Mixtape’ will be quickly followed by a short film ‘Just Saying’ in which people answer the questions in the song.


2013 was a ground breaking year for the Greek/Irish rapper, making a promising start with the release of “Move in the Moonlight” (Again with support from Radio 1.) As well as delivering performances at the Hyperink festival at the Tate Modern, Wembley Arena and the Tower of London, Potent Whisper performed at events in Senegal, France, Belgium and most recently Sudan where he delivered workshops for the British Council and a performance at Sudan’s National Museum. As well as a full page feature on the Guardian newspaper, Potent Whisper also proved to catch the attention of Hip Hop legend Kurtis Blow who interviewed Potent Whisper in person for his forthcoming American TV series “Hip Hop Around the World”

As we enter 2014, Potent Whisper looks forward to the release of his first mixtape ‘Love, The Mixtape’.


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